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Comp Insurance

Smarter Insurance for the broker and the policyholder that reduces injuries and costs with state-of-the art technology.

World Class
Wearable Tech

Improve worker safety with patented
innovation proven to reduce workplace
injuries and lost work days.

Dividend Driven,
Nationwide-Backed Policies

Lower workers comp costs through reduced injuries that result in money back and guaranteed premium savings with an improved Experience Modification score.

What this means for youAgent BenefitsPolicyholders Benefits
Tech-led SafetyOffer a differentiated workers comp policy that includes state-of-the-art safety tech deployed by Fortune 500 companies with proven injury-reducing results.Keep your workforce safe and grow a big-company safety culture with patented wearable safety technology, included at no extra cost.
Premium SavingsWin more business with differentiated best-in-class coverage, reduced premiums and client dividends. Increase retention with improved experience modification.Collect significant dividends with tech-driven claim reduction. Reduce the indirect cost of lost work days, and lower future annual premium cost through improved experience modification scores.
Nationwide BackedOffer policies on A+ rated paper, with brand recognition with best-in-class claims handling and loss control.Have peace of mind with a policy backed by a national brand with benefits like best-in-class claims handling and online account access for billing history and payments.

Verified Results

Kinetic Insurance policies include the Kinetic Reflex wearable device, verified by Perr&Knight, to support improvement in injury reduction, lost work days and claims costs.







*In environments where high strain & sprain injury rates are present

Get Big Company Tech at No Extra Cost

The same safety technology leading Fortune 500 companies trust to
keep their workforce safe is offered at no charge to Kinetic policyholders.

Wearables started off as a way for us to solve for the traditional ergonomic risks that we see, which drive some of our workers’ comp costs, but it has become an employee engagement exercise because they like and want to wear the device.”

Cormac Gilligan, Vice President of Global Environment, Health & Safety at PepsiCo

These devices create awareness for underlying issues where we currently have no visibility until it’s too late.”

Ashley Metz, Safety Manager for JLG Industries

Safety doesn’t stop at the workplace, and we believe a culture of safety, where safety is top of mind, becomes part of the entire life of our Mountaineers. Kinetic better enables our safety 24/7 approach.”

Richard Ziegelhofer, Sr. Director of Operations Support, North America at Iron Mountain

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