A New Leadership Structure

Adam Price Moves to CEO

Adam Price, CEO

We’re excited to introduce our new Chief Executive Officer, Adam Price. Adam joined Kinetic in 2020 as Chief Operating Officer and brings nearly a decade of leadership experience to the company. He’s led both private and public companies during rapid scaling and has a keen understanding of how to balance a fast-paced work environment with alignment and buy-in of the internal team. 

As CEO, Adam oversees the execution of the company’s vision. He supports Kinetic in all aspects ranging from go-to-market challenges to people to operations. “My primary goal is to get all the teams focused around our vision and mission, and make sure everyone knows how they contribute to us reaching our goals,” said Adam. “Kinetic’s vision is ‘creating the safest workplace for the frontline workforce’ – and that’s where we’re going with everything we do.”

Since joining the Kinetic team, Adam has made a significant impact with a laser focus on strategy and team alignment. He implemented the OKR (objectives and key results) framework at Kinetic, initiated a robust hiring process that includes both skills assessment and a culture interview to ensure candidates are aligned with our core values, increased the speed of execution for executive decisions and built out robust operating processes in multiple areas including sales, customer success and the insurance business.

“When Adam joined, the first thing he did was make the leadership team step back and define a mission and vision that clearly articulated what we’re working towards, and we constantly use that to keep our north, excite employees and investors and remind ourselves why we come to work each day,” said Haytham Elhawary who has served as CEO since co-founding the company in 2014.

Adam is an experienced operator in both technology startups and public companies. He previously served as CEO of Waitr Holdings, a publicly traded company with over 15k employees and $700M in annual gross revenue. Prior to that, he was CEO and Founder at Homer Logistics, a venture-backed startup based out of New York City that built software systems for local delivery operations.

“Adam knows our customer extremely well and knows the hazards frontline workers have to face during their everyday work,” said Haytham. “He’s also been a buyer of large workers’ compensation policies and knows how deficient current carriers are at providing solutions to reduce claims. As such he understands our customer mindset and has pushed the org to provide value with our product in the ways that matter most to them.”

Haytham Elhawary Transitions to Chief Strategy Officer

Haytham Elhawary, CSO

With Adam taking the reigns as CEO, Haytham has transitioned into Chief Strategy Officer. In this capacity, he is focused on more ways we can use technology to prevent injuries, as well as how we can incorporate the unique dataset we’re collecting into our business operations.

“I’m a technologist by background and that’s what I love,” said Haytham who has designed train assemblies and built surgical robots and medical devices. “We’re renewing our focus on continued innovation in all realms of the company, at both the product and business model levels. This led to our expansion into workers’ compensation insurance last year, which has brought incredible growth to the company.”

Adam said, “Haytham is an amazing innovator and focusing his attention on ‘what’s next’ will reap rewards for our long-term value. We have many promising ideas based on our technology and data set just waiting to be explored.”

Looking Ahead

The new organizational structure sets Kinetic up for success in 2023. 

“Kinetic is about to scale across two exciting go-to-market strategies – insurance and enterprise sales – and we really need to focus on rowing in the same direction relative to our long-term vision,” said Adam – who gained expertise in this area with larger, more complex organizations.

Haytham added, “I feel extremely fortunate to have a partner like Adam who I can fully entrust to lead the company in this new phase as we scale growth and operations. It gives me the opportunity to go back to what I love and why I founded the company in the first place: to build technology that prevents injuries, so we can fulfill our vision of creating the safest workplace for frontline workers.”