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Preventing workplace injuries before they happen is one of the best strategies employers and insurance professionals can implement to reduce workers’ compensation claims and costs.

That’s why we work with our partner Nationwide to provide policyholders with specialized loss control services designed to create safer workplaces and prevent costly injuries. Insureds receive personalized help in uncovering their specific loss control needs, mitigating future losses and reducing their premiums to save money.

Effective risk management services and resources

Our risk management experts work directly with policyholders to implement programs and tools that help to keep their workforce safe and injury-free. For convenience and accessibility, services are available virtually, by phone or in person. They range from online safety resources and training to help keep workers safe to account-specific data reports and consulting services that identify and reduce hazards.  

Services and resources are designed to minimize the possibility that a workplace injury will occur and reduce the severity of those that do occur. 

Onsite and Virtual Safety Training: Policyholders have access to education opportunities for employees on workplace hazards and preventative controls, including on-demand videos developed by Nationwide risk management professionals, the SafetySource video library, recorded webinars, virtual and in-person training courses and free regional seminars hosted annually. 

Online Safety and Risk Management Resources: Employers receive 24/7 access to online tools to help them manage risk, including articles and tools on employee safety, such as safety checklists, fact sheets and compliance program templates. Other online resources include compliance and safety and risk management programs, eModules with important tools and templates for written safety programs and procedures, and eLinks for easy access to helpful resources and websites.

Comprehensive Loss Data: In-depth data on locations and types of losses is available, including account-specific data analytics, loss trends and data reports and loss history analysis to help policyholders track losses by location, operation or division. 

Risk Assessment Services: Policyholders can work with their account managers for evaluations of exposures and controls, including reviews of their return-to-work programs and claims reporting procedures. Additionally, account and claims reviews, on-site safety evaluations and accident investigation assistance are available.

Wearable safety program, included at no extra cost

To further mitigate losses, Kinetic policyholders can receive free, proven wearable safety technology that prevents strains and sprains, a leading cause of workplace injuries. Our team works with policyholders to deploy the Kinetic Reflex wearable safety program among employees determined to be at the highest risk, based on injury data. Insureds leveraging the tech can expect a 55% decrease in injury frequency among participants, and up to a 50% reduction in claims costs.

Real-Time Alerts for High-Risk Postures: Reflex measures how the body moves, determining if an unsafe movement or high-risk posture has occurred. Workers receive continuous coaching with a light vibration every time a high-risk posture is performed. The alerts, along with goal and reward functions, create new habits and drive sustained behavior change.

Actionable Data Insights: Employers receive granular insight into potentially injury-causing, high-risk behaviors occurring among their workforce. Data from Reflex can be viewed on a web dashboard that provides actionable insights, such as which employees might need more training, or what jobs and locations are the highest risk. This allows employers to focus on coaching opportunities with individuals and groups that will benefit most, and workstation and work process redesigns.

Tech Deployment & Support: Policyholders receive full, ongoing tech support to make deploying and managing Reflex easy and effective, leading to valuable dividend benefits. Our dedicated tech operations team provides device onboarding services, virtual and onsite tech training for employees and management, access to a training video library and ongoing program review and assistance.

What is the Kinetic Reflex Wearable Platform?

Learn more about Reflex, our smart wearable and software analytics platform that helps protect frontline workers and enhance companies’ bottom lines.

Trust Kinetic and Nationwide to provide you with reliable and efficient loss control services that prioritize the well-being of your employees and control costs. 

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