Get In Front of Workers’ Comp Claims with Nurse Triage

Comprehensive nurse triage services can help agencies and policyholders control and minimize workplace injuries and their related costs. This care-centered resource allows employers and employees to respond to a non-emergency workplace injury at the most critical time – right when it happens.

With nurse triage, the appropriate treatment for an injured worker is determined quickly, resulting in higher-quality patient care and fewer lost work days. Employers benefit from better claims management and reduced workers’ compensation claims costs.

What is Nurse Triage?

Nurse triage is a hotline injured workers can call to talk with a registered nurse. The nurse evaluates the injury and helps to determine an effective course of action for care, ranging from self-care to referrals for clinical or emergency room care. Determining the needs of the injured worker is the nurse’s sole focus; they do not determine compensation.

What are the Benefits?

Beyond timely and appropriate medical advice for work-related injuries, nurse triage services offer additional benefits for both employees and employers. The advisory service can:

  • ensure prompt reporting, which can keep a minor injury from becoming a costly, drawn-out claim
  • maximize recovery for the injured worker and help them return to work faster
  • improve employee experience and claims management by referring treatment to an authorized care provider, when needed
  • lessen the loss impact on the employer, including potentially reduced direct and indirect costs
  • help businesses comply with state workers’ compensation rules

How Can Insureds Access Nurse Triage Services?

At Kinetic, we’re committed to helping our agency partners and policyholders with value-added programs and services, provided through our partnership with Nationwide. This includes 24/7 nurse triage services that help our clients manage and control workplace injuries.  

Nationwide’s Nurse Triage service supports timely reporting and appropriate treatment for non-life-threatening work-related injuries. It does this by:

  • using the skills of a registered nurse for an initial assessment to determine the need for medical care 
  • providing the employee with a user-friendly experience and the most appropriate medical attention based on the injury sustained
  • supporting self-care when appropriate for the injury sustained
  • offering easy access through a toll-free Nurse Triage hotline, which takes care of reporting the claim to Nationwide, and is available 24/7
  • assisting the employee in locating providers for any follow-up care needs

When to Call Nurse Triage

Nurse Triage 24/7 is a valuable resource for Kinetic policyholders through Nationwide. It’s also the recommended method for reporting a work-related injury. Nurse Triage will report the claim, and if no further medical treatment is sought, there is no cost for the service.

For policyholders managing a non-life-threatening injury, an employee’s call to the hotline can help make a decision on the treatment needed. (For life- or limb-threatening injuries, employers should immediately call 911.)

What You Should Do in Some Typical Scenarios

It’s a serious and/or life-threatening injury (e.g., fall from heights, laceration causing significant loss of blood, struck by falling object)Employer should call 911 immediately so the employee can receive emergency treatment. Then employer should report the injury to Nationwide at 1-800-421-3535.
It’s a non-life-threatening injury that clearly requires treatment (e.g., broken bone, laceration requiring stitches, concussion).Employer should refer the employee to an authorized treatment provider if their state permits or have the employee call the Nurse Triage Hotline at 1-855-777-7090 for assistance. 

If Nurse Triage Hotline is not called, employer should report the injury to Nationwide at 1-800-421-3535 after medical treatment is obtained.
It’s an injury and employer is not sure whether medical treatment is needed or what type of treatment is needed.Employee should call the Nurse Triage Hotline at 1-855-777-7090 for guidance on how to proceed.