Workers' comp for wholesalers and warehouses

Recover Up to 26% of Your Workers’ Comp Policy Premium

Kinetic Insurance offers policyholders access to a dividend program that rewards companies for keeping their workers safe.

Introducing the Kinetic Dividend Program

Companies that adhere to safety practices resulting in a “lower than expected” loss frequency are well positioned to earn a sizable dividend through Kinetic’s AM Best A+ workers’ comp program. This program enables policyholders to recover up to 26% of a policy’s premium based on annual incurred losses.

Simply put – the fewer claims the company has, the bigger the dividend.

Kinetic Insurance dividend program

What’s the Catch? You Have to Wear Your Kinetic Reflex, Of Course!

Kinetic’s differentiated workers’ comp policy includes state-of-the-art safety tech proven to reduce the risk of strains and sprains from everyday on-the-job tasks.

The belt-mounted device is packed with cutting-edge sensors and leverages machine learning to detect harmful movements, including bends, twists, jumping from unsafe heights, and overreaching. It then provides workers with real-time feedback to correct their posture and stay safe.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Dividend Program?

  • The policy is at $100,000 in earned premium at the final audit.
  • You’ve been in business for a minimum of 3 years
  • All at-risk employees with payroll in the governing class code will wear the Kinetic wearable safety device at least 10 hours per week and you must achieve a minimum Net Usage of 50% at six months of policy effective date.

How to Achieve 50% Net Usage

Net Usage is defined as the percentage of at-risk workers wearing Kinetic devices for at least 10- hours/week, calculated as a four-week rolling average. Kinetic is responsible for evaluating net usage rate of the insured.

Reach: The coverage of devices for the at-risk employees at the policyholder.

Participation: The number of devices worn on a weekly basis for more than 10 hours by the at-risk workforce.

Net Usage = Reach x Participation

If Kinetic’s safety tech is being worn regularly and your workers stay safe, you can see a significant dividend at the end of your policy effective date.


Kinetic Dividend Program