The smartest safety
device ever built

The Kinetic Reflex detects high risk behaviors and provides data-driven
insights to help protect workers and enhance the bottom line.

How It Works

Continuous Coaching Reduces Injuries

The belt-mounted device provides a light vibration every time a high risk posture is performed, such as improper bending, twisting and overreaching. This real time feedback drives long term change.

Actionable Data Optimizes Workplace Safety

The Reflex platform offers data-driven insights that can lead to workplace improvements for enhanced safety. Robust data and predictive analytics reveal root causes of workplace injuries.

Proven Loss Reduction

Expect 50-60% fewer injuries and a 72% reduction in lost workdays with the Reflex, proven to have an impact on workplace incidents. It’s the same tech leading Fortune 500 companies trust to keep their workforce safe.

When we deployed the Reflex, the results were incredibly powerful.”

Cormac Gilligan, Vice President of Global Environment, Health & Safety at PepsiCo

Unique Features Build Safety Culture

The Kinetic Reflex offers engaging on-screen data and gamification features to give
users the power to drive change.

Goal Tracking

Set and monitor progress against custom goals.

Daily breakdown

Track progress throughout the week.

Activity Tracking

Get additional insights into activity.

Rewards Program

Set and monitor custom incentive programs.

Innovative Tech Designed for Safety

The Reflex is built with groundbreaking technology that makes
employees safer, more productive and their work more rewarding.

Cutting-edge Sensors

The Reflex is packed with sensors that lead to the most accurate biomechanics and data sets available.

Industry-leading Machine Learning and Data Science

The Kinetic team is constantly working to characterize motions and activities in the most accurate way possible.

Designed for Safety-Critical Environments

The Reflex is ruggedized, drop proof, waterproof and loaded with other features to allow it to survive the workfloor.

Ergonomic and Easy to Equip

The Reflex securely fastens to waistbands with an industrial grade closure and spring loaded retention clip. The device self calibrates each time it’s fastened.


The Reflex easily docks for recharging and is powered by a best-in-class Lithium Polymer type battery for extended usage.

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