Tech-Led Workers’ Comp Made Easy, Part 1: Broker Education

Workers’ compensation insurance that includes injury-preventing wearable tech can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. This proactive approach brings real value to your clients and positions you as a true partner in risk management. 

Pitching this innovative, prevention-focused solution, however, can be daunting. At Kinetic, we have a team standing by for just this reason! 

Meet the Broker Success Team, a dedicated group of experts ready to help our broker partners quickly and easily understand and present Kinetic’s state-of-the-art wearable safety program as a unique selling point to help win business.

Get Educated

The first step to success is getting familiar with Kinetic technology. What exactly is it? What specific benefits does it provide? And how does it work? This is the foundation of our broker education process, designed to help you feel confident in presenting every aspect of our injury-preventing workers’ comp program. 

Although we keep it simple, the process packs a punch!

  • Brokers who’ve gone through the education process have a bind rate of 40%, which is significantly higher than the industry standard and nearly double those that don’t receive the training.
  • Of the brokers that go through the education process, more than 90% of their eligible customers adopt Kinetic technology to reduce injuries versus brokers that don’t receive the training, which have a 40% adoption rate.

We know you’re busy, so we’ve made our broker education process simple. In just two half-hour remote training sessions, you’ll be fully equipped to talk with customers about wearable technology that reduces workplace injuries and lowers workers’ comp claims costs.

Here’s the breakdown: 

Session 1 –  Tech 101 and Dividend Training

In this training call, a Broker Success Manager will walk you through a review of what exactly the offering entails (superior workers’ comp coverage backed by Nationwide and free cutting-edge wearable safety technology!). They’ll empower you to talk about the impact wearables have on reducing workplace injuries and lost work days with verified statistics and real client examples. And they’ll walk you through a dividend breakout so you can easily explain this important feature to customers.

Kinetic Insurance's workers' comp program overview

Next, you’ll get into the details of the hardware with a program overview – this includes how the device works, how users wear it and what it measures; it also covers common concerns such as privacy. You’ll learn dashboard basics, such as what safety data is provided and how to manage the program. Plus, get a quick rundown on the valuable automated weekly reports customers receive via email. 

In this session, you’ll gain access to the full Kinetic training video library, which is packed with short-form video content that covers every piece of the platform. Upon completion of this session, our team will ship you a demo device so you can try it out – this first-hand experience helps significantly in your conversations about the Kinetic technology with clients.

Session 2 – Tech 201 and Device Training

In this session, the Broker Success Manager reviews your experiences with wearing and using the demo device and answers any questions. You’ll learn best practices for wearing the device to help you feel confident in pitching and demonstrating the technology with clients. 

During this second call, you’ll also walk through a high level of the data dashboard to receive an understanding of how a policyholder could utilize it if they choose to. This includes:

  • identifying which employees are at the highest risk of a strain or sprain 
  • spotting patterns in unsafe movement spikes that reveal what times of day, days of the week, etc. pose the highest risk to employees
  • tracking trends over time to see the real impact the device is having on an employee’s safe lifting habits


It’s our goal to arm our broker partners with all the support, resources and materials they need to position the Kinetic technology and dividend program as a business-winning asset. 

Beyond the education process, our team can also serve as a resource in point-of-sale opportunities with clients. When it comes to deploying the technology, we’ve got clients covered too. The Broker Success Team will teach them how to use the tech and take them through the full deployment process. Look for more on these support functions in parts 2 and 3 of Tech-Led Workers’ Comp Made Easy

Ready to get educated? Reach out to the Broker Success Team at to get the process started.

Meet Charlotte O’Regan, Broker Success Manager

Charlotte joined the Broker Success Team at Kinetic in August 2022, after a year of working as a Business Development Representative on our enterprise sales team. She leads the broker education process, training broker partners on how to effectively leverage our wearable tech with insureds. Charlotte also supports brokers in point-of-sale meetings and manages Kinetic Insurance deployments to set policyholders up for success.

Charlotte O'Regan, Broker Success Manager at Kinetic Insurance

“Our broker education process allows brokers to fully understand Kinetic’s technology and how it benefits a policyholder. This empowers them to leverage the technology and dividend program as a selling point with their clients and feel confident in speaking to our technology’s ability to meaningfully impact their client’s strain & sprain injuries and workers’ comp cost.” 

Reach out to Charlotte at