What is the Kinetic Reflex Wearable Platform?

Reflex is a smart wearable and software analytics platform that detects high-risk behaviors and provides data-driven insights to help protect industrial frontline workers and enhance companies’ bottom lines.

Kinetic Reflex Wearable Device

The industrial workforce faces a variety of safety hazards with poor ergonomics being one of the most prevalent threats. When workers move improperly on the job, bending and twisting awkwardly, or overreaching, it can stress their bodies and lead to Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). 

MSDs are the most frequent and costly type of workplace injuries, accounting for 1/3 of all workers’ compensation costs and 34% of lost work days.

The Reflex wearable platform reduces risky postures that lead to MSD-related injuries. Through real-time feedback and actionable insights, Reflex helps companies reduce injury rates, maintain worker well-being and reach peak productivity levels.

How Does It Work?

A Highly-Wearable Wearable

Because wearable programs need user acceptance and involvement to thrive, Reflex is designed for easy user adoption. While other wearable solutions require employees to wear uncomfortable, awkward back- or chest-mounted sensors, Reflex is about the size of a deck of cards and simply attaches to the belt or waistline. 

Reflex uses sensors to measure how the body moves, determining if an unsafe movement or high-risk posture has occurred. Workers receive continuous coaching with a light vibration every time a high-risk posture is performed. The alerts, along with goal and reward functions, create new habits and drive sustained behavior change.

Reflex is ruggedized, drop-proof, waterproof, and loaded with other features to allow it to survive the work floor.

A Data-Rich Dashboard

User looking at his Kinetic dashboard

The Reflex software platform provides employers with granular insight into potentially injury-causing, high-risk behaviors occurring among their workforce. Data from Reflex are uploaded during the docking of the device. It’s then aggregated for a company’s entire workforce and can be viewed on an easy-to-use, cloud-based web dashboard. 

The dashboard provides actionable insights, such as which employees might need more training, or what jobs and locations are the highest risk. This knowledge allows employers to focus on coaching opportunities with individuals and groups that will benefit most, and workstation and work process redesigns.

Reflex is fully GDPR compliant and is not equipped with GPS, microphones, cameras, or biometric sensors. It does not track location or collect private or personal information.

Who Uses It?

Employers of all sizes leverage Reflex to optimize their safety programs.

  • Fortune 500 companies in safety-critical industries use the Kinetic enterprise program to protect their workforce and enhance their bottom line.
  • Mid-market-size companies gain all the same wearable tech benefits at no cost through Kinetic Insurance’s ground-breaking workers’ compensation program that includes Reflex for free.

Kinetic specializes in areas where we can make an impact – industry segments with the highest exposure to musculoskeletal injury:

  • Agriculture
  • Auto Dealers
  • Grocery
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Restaurants
  • Wholesale/Warehousing

Reflex Wearable Platform Benefits

Companies using Reflex can expect reduced injury frequency rates and fewer lost work days.

Results of using Kinetic Reflex wearable

With reduced injuries, workers’ comp costs are lowered and companies receive money back and guaranteed premium savings with an improved experience modification score and through the Kinetic dividend program.

Results of using Kinetic Reflex wearable
*In environments where high strain & sprain injury rates are present

Every move industrial employees make while on the job is critical to their safety, and high-risk postures – like bending, overreaching, and twisting – can lead to costly injuries. The Reflex wearable platform helps companies optimize their safety programs with wearable tech that protects their workforce and enhances their bottom line.