Introducing Our New Regional VP of Business Development, Jose Cruz

Developing and maintaining strong relations with agents and brokers is a cornerstone of success for the new Kinetic Insurance business. We need a seasoned leader with well-established relationships to present our innovative offering to the markets we serve, which is why we’re thrilled to announce JoseCruz as our new Vice President of Business Development for the west region.

Jose will lead business development and broker distribution in California, Arizona and Nevada. He brings over 15 years of commercial insurance experience to the team as well as a network of high performing sales producers that represent several of the nation’s Top 100 commercial brokers.

Jose recently shared his thoughts on joining Kinetic Insurance, the value of risk mitigation and why he believes the future of the industry will be driven by technology.

Q. Tell us why you wanted to join the Kinetic Team?

A. What Kinetic is offering is the first real innovation I’ve seen in workers’ compensation, and I wanted to be a part of this revolutionary approach where midmarket companies can use state-of-the-art tech and data gathered from their workforce to anticipate and prevent risks before they turn into claims. I believe it can transform the market and fundamentally change the way businesses operate.

The energy of the Kinetic Insurance team also really excited me! Led by Gerritt Graham, Ronnie O’Dell and Steven Shafer, it’s a highly growth-driven team with decades of experience leading businesses to success. Being a part of this dynamic company, and helping to pioneer a proactive approach to workers’ comp insurance, felt like the perfect next step for me.

Q. With such a competitive market, what do you think will attract brokers to the Kinetic program?

A. Differentiation is one thing. Kinetic is offering something new and different that will help brokers stand out in a crowded marketplace. Furthermore, what’s behind that distinction has true value for their clients. With a Kinetic policy, brokers bring real risk mitigation to customers. Companies receive and deploy our wearable tech, which is proven to reduce injury frequency by 50-60%. And our policy is backed by Nationwide, one of the largest and strongest national brands in insurance.

The other big attractor is achievablepremium savings. With access to our injury-preventing tech, clients are empowered to actually collect significant dividends – it’s not just a marketing gimmick. When companies deploy the Kinetic wearable among their workforces, injuries go down; in turn, claims go down. This also improves experience modification scores, leading to lowered annual premium costs.

Q. Where do you see Kinetic in 10 years?

A. This is the future of insurance. Policies that come with technology that benefits the carrier and the policyholder, that lower policy costs and losses – this will be mainstream for workers’ compensation. I see Kinetic leading that revolution.

The company was founded and built upon a mission to improve the lives of frontline workers and that’s what we’ll continue striving to do. Over the next decade, Kinetic has a goal to reduce one million injuries. We’ll achieve this by outfitting more workers with our injury-preventing tech, making it more accessible to mid-market companies by offering it with workers comp policies and leading a widely-adopted, proactive approach to safety management.

We’ll also continue to innovate, finding new ways to bring even more value to workers, policy holders and carriers – from adding features that reduce more types of injuries to identifying more avenues of cost savings for our customers.