Workers' comp for grocery stores

Workers’ Comp That Works for Grocery Stores

Grocery workers face workplace risks that can lead to injury while performing routine tasks. Our differentiated workers’ comp policy includes state-of-the-art safety tech proven to reduce the risk of strains and sprains from everyday on-the-job activities like stocking shelves, checking out items, and bagging groceries.

Safeguarding the Grocery Frontline

Did you know…

  • Strain & sprain claims happen 34% of the time in the grocery industry.
  • Strain & sprain claims represent nearly 40% of all indemnity claims costs in this sector.

Work-related injuries can cause grocery workers to lose significant work time, impacting both the individual and their employer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees with musculoskeletal injuries miss an average of 12 work days. 

Fortunately, these kinds of injuries among grocery workers are largely preventable. Help your grocery store clients protect their essential employees and their businesses with workers’ comp that reduces both injuries and costs. 

Kinetic’s tech-driven program works to prevent strain and sprain injuries, boost productivity, and lower claims costs.

Targeted Classes

  • Grocery Stores
  • Grocery Stores – Fish, Meat & Poultry

Kinetic Workers’ Comp for the Grocery Industry

Kinetic Insurance combines extensive industry experience with proven expertise in preventing strain and sprain injuries.

  • Over 65 years of combined experience in workers’ comp 
  • A targeted understanding of the grocery industry and the risks it faces
  • FREE wearable technology verified to reduce risk
  • Expert guidance from risk assessment to claims management

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