Workers' comp for manufacturing plants

Workers’ Comp That Works for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is one of the industries with the most workplace injuries, with workers facing risks every day while performing routine tasks. Our differentiated workers’ comp policy includes state-of-the-art safety tech proven to reduce the risk of strains and sprains from on-the-job activities like overexertion from repetitive motions, or improper handling and lifting of heavy objects.

Building a Safer Workplace

Did you know…

Strain & sprain claims represent 28% of manufacturing worker injuries involving days away from work.

Work-related injuries can cause manufacturing workers to lose significant work time, impacting both the individual and their employer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average days away from work for strain & sprain injuries in the manufacturing industry is 14, compared to 12 in the private sector.

Fortunately, these kinds of injuries among manufacturing workers are largely preventable. Help your manufacturing clients protect their essential employees and their businesses with workers’ comp that reduces both injuries and costs. 

Kinetic’s tech-driven program works to prevent strain and sprain injuries, boost productivity, and lower claims costs.

Targeted Classes

  • Pasta or Noodle Mfg
  • Bakery
  • Cereal or Bar Mfg
  • Syrup or Molasses Refining, Blending or Mfg
  • Ice Cream Mfg
  • Candy, Chocolate Mfg
  • Milk Products Mfg
  • Milk Bottle Exchange – All Employees
  • Milk Depot or Milk Dealer
  • Creamery or Dairy
  • Meat Products Mfg
  • Fruit Packing – Citrus
  • Fruit Packing – Not Citrus
  • Pickle Mfg
  • Cannery
  • Vegetable or Fruit Processors – Frozen
  • Breweries
  • Alchohol Mfg – Grain – All Operations
  • Spirituous Liquor Bottling
  • Fruit Juice or Concentrate Mfg
  • Wineries
  • Beverage Mfg
  • Tobacco Products Mfg
  • Tobacco-Warehousing
  • Carpet or Rug Mfg-Hemp or Jute
  • Yarn Mfg – Cotton & Wool
  • Felting Mfg
  • Thread Mfg-Silk
  • Textile Fiber Mfg
  • Hoisery Mfg
  • Knit Goods Mfg
  • Braid or Fringe Mfg
  • Embroidery Mfg
  • Carpet or Rug Mfg – NOC
  • Cloth Printing/Silk Screen
  • Cloth Printing
  • Clothing Mfg
  • Umbrella Mfg
  • Awning, Tarp or Canvas Mfg
  • Window – Shade Mfg
  • Tailoring or Dressmaking
  • Hair Goods Mfg
  • Mattress or Box Spring Mfg
  • Laundry NOC
  • Toilet or Towel Supply Co
  • Shoe Stock Mfg
  • Shoe or Boot Mfg
  • Luggage Mfg
  • Leather Goods Mfg
  • Brush or Broom Mfg
  • Wood Turned Products Mg
  • Windows – Shade Roller Mfg
  • Cabinet Works – No power woodworking machinery
  • Furniture Mfg & Cabinet
  • Cabinet Mfg for audio or video devices
  • Cabinet Works – NOC – with power machinery
  • Furniture Mfg & Cabinet
  • Musical Instrument – Wood Mfg
  • Bottle Cap or Crown Mfg
  • Button or Fastener Mfg
  • Bolt or Nut Mfg
  • Screw Mfg
  • Hardware Mfg
  • Alarm Mfg
  • Electronic Element Mfg
  • Electrical Apparatus Mfg
  • Electrical Connector Mfg
  • Electric Appliance Mfg
  • Electric Appliance Mfg NOC
  • Lamp or Portable Lantern Mfg NOC
  • Lamp or Portable Lantern Mfg – ELECTRIC
  • Plumbers’ Supplies Mfg
  • Can Mfg
  • Enamel or Agate Ware Mfg
  • Wire Cloth Mfg
  • Nail, Tack or Rivet Mfg
  • Eyelet Mfg
  • Bedspring Or Wire Mattress
  • Spring Mfg
  • Musical Instrument – Metal Mfg
  • Jewelry Mfg
  • Clock Mfg
  • Computer Memory Disk Mfg
  • Computer or Computer Peripheral Equipment
  • Machine Mfg – Office or sewing
  • Machined Parts Mfg
  • Machine Shop NOC
  • Valve Mfg
  • Printed Circuit Board Mfg
  • Printed Circuit Board Mfg – Other

Kinetic Workers’ Comp for the Manufacturing Industry

Kinetic Insurance combines extensive industry experience with proven expertise in preventing strain and sprain injuries.

  • Over 65 years of combined experience in workers’ comp 
  • A targeted understanding of the manufacturing industry and the risks it faces
  • FREE wearable technology verified to reduce risk
  • Expert guidance from risk assessment to claims management

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